GCE Subsea inviterer: Entrepreneurship Summer School, 6.–10. august på NTNU i Ålesund

Dato & tid
06.08.2017 09:00 – 10.08.2017 16:00



  • Networking and dinner


  • To become an entrepreneur
  • Future OCEAN industry
  • The big picture, 6 Lens for Scaling
  • Networking and dinne


  • High level Product Specification
  • Future OCEAN Industry
  • Core and Competitive Position
  • Formal dinner


  • Resource and funding

Learn more about the programme (pdf).

If you need more information about the programme please contact Hans Petter Hildre, Project Manager Entrepreneurship Accelerator Summer School hans.p.hildre@ntnu.no

Sted: NTNU, Larsgårdsvegen 2, 6009 Ålesund, Norway

Take part in a one-week world class Entrepreneurship Summer School powered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Publisert 24.05.2017

As part of the MIT REAP project, we invite you to apply for Entrepreneurship Summer School.

The summer school is an entrepreneurship accelerator programme to strengthen entrepreneurs and small companies’ expertise. You will learn entrepreneurial skills and be equipped with a proven, systematic and rigorous approach to grow your business to new heights.

The programme is also about creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and exploring opportunities in the ocean based industries. 70 per cent of Norwegian export is from ocean-based industries.

Norway has a long coastline and a continental shelf that is six times larger than the mainland and constitutes a third of the European continental shelf. The ocean based industry is expected to grow with a factor of two within 2030 and will be a unique area for entrepreneurship.

Participation and Costs

The entrepreneurship summer school targets;

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Persons with a dream to become an entrepreneur
  • Persons that are working with innovations and entrepreneurship in a company
  • Persons from universities, industrial clusters and public institutions working with entrepreneurship

The cost is NOK 5.000,-. GCE Subsea will cover expenses for one person per GCE Subsea member company that is granted a place at the summer school - this upon request from the member. Travel and accommodation is to be covered by the participant.

Learn more about GCE Subsea Membership.


You can apply for the summer school at NTNU’s webpages within 20 June 2017.

Summer School is organised in cooperation with